Translations: agency or auction?

translation_agencyThe demand for foreign languages has always existed. International economic and political relations have always required a particular level of rapport. However, recently this demand has increased even more. The era of globalization has blurred the borders and erased them completely upon the emergence of the Internet. Now it is quite easy to observe the lives of people in other countries. However, not everyone knows several languages, which is why linguistic barriers are still high.

Translations: agency or auction?

This is where the need for professional translation services arises. If the issue has nothing to do with regular conversational language, the entry requirements for the professionals are quite high.

A translator has to have a very profound knowledge of the culture of those nations with which languages they have to work. But that’s not enough, because, in addition to that, he also has to be fluent in the field of his work.

Currently, again thanks to the Internet, you can find many auctions and translation agencies of many sorts; however, the question “what’s the difference between these two and what should I go with?” is inevitable.

Translation auction

Let’s start with auction. Basically, any auction is an online platform where freelance translators advertise their services and persons interested in their services have a chance to familiarize themselves with the list of professionals, their active portfolios and tariffs.

Such a platform has a number of advantages of a relatively wide range of tariffs. Clients have the opportunity to review a large number of offers and choose the best one for them in terms of price and professional aspects.

Another clear advantage is open rating of each translator. Clients who’ve already used the services of a certain specialist rate his professional qualities for the future employers.

Such auctions have a certain level of universal application and you can find professionals of other fields on them that can help with filling up a website.

Disadvantages: the fact is, you have to work with freelancers on these auctions, which doesn’t always guarantee a high quality of work or met agreed deadlines. However, unreliable translators don’t receive high ratings and good reviews, so their rating would serve as a warning of reliability of the candidate.

Translation agency

Unlike auction, a translation agency is a professional, official firm that works as a commercial organization. Such agencies employ company representatives, have their own staff who complete the received orders.

The advantage of such organizations is their commercial interest in a high quality performance of their job. Like any firm serious about developing, they value their own reputation and clients very much. Here you can count on individual approach towards yourself, as well as towards each single job.

Such agencies also often offer a wide range of services, not limiting themselves to translation alone, so you won’t have to look around for new professionals.

Disadvantages include the tariffs. Let’s not forget that this is not the case of a freelancer being paid directly, but of a company, the hierarchy of which has to be paid for. For that reasons, the prices for their services would be slightly higher.

Both approaches have positive and negative sides to them. So the issue is only the client’s personal priorities and the choice should be made on an individual basis.