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Polish Translations WakefieldPreparation of high-quality English-Polish and Polish-English translations in Wakefield done fast and professionally by native speakers.

English-Polish technical translations in Wakefield

Bilingua Translation Agency in Wakefield would like to provide assistance to primarily those who are preparing to travel to Poland and need some kind of translation. If you wish to prepare some type of material for Polish readers, we are gladly at your disposal and will help you in connecting with the Polish language. Our Polish-English, native-speaking translators are willing to work even on weekends and at night if the translation is urgent.

Polish translations aren’t just limited to the world of business, even though frequently we are requested to translate the webpages and home pages of companies into Polish. We are also able to translate the correspondence of private individuals and businesses on a daily basis, as quickly as within a few hours, and we are also at your service in the translation of Polish legal documents, ownership transfer contracts, partnership contracts, agreements, distributor contracts, and other legal documents. We offer translations from Polish for affordable prices.

We always prepare Polish-English translations for you with the highest level of precision. Our translation agency believes that, in the interest of long-term success, we must provide our customers with exactly what they need, so we are aware of how important short deadlines and low prices are, and if we add to this mix our swift and friendly service, then we have established the primary pillars of our company’s philosophy.

Beside English-Polish translations, technical translations and proofreading, of course, we provide interpreting services in this language as well. If you need a Polish interpreter, contact us, and we will do everything in the interest of solving your problem.

Try us. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your office or home. Just send us the text to be translated by email in word, excel, pdf, or other formats.

Polish translation services in Wakefield

The Polish language belongs to the Indo-European group of languages and, within that, is among the Slavic languages. Nowadays, Polish is spoken by over 35 million people as their mother tongue, primarily in Poland, Germany, the US, Canada, and the UK.

What exactly can we assist you with?

We can classify the Polish texts translated by us according to the following subjects:

Economics and business translations

This includes marketing, PR, financial, economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics) and business texts, along with accounting materials, balances, profit reports, tender materials, and tender plans.

Legal translations

This includes contracts, documents, legal texts, court rulings, police documents, ownership transfer contracts, deeds of gift, and automobile ownership transfer contracts.

Technical or engineering translations

This includes technical and engineering texts, architectural, building engineering texts, soil mechanics, statics, geodetics, users’ manuals, operator handbooks, maintenance guides, product introductions, product descriptions, installation instructions, game descriptions, and product descriptions.

Medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and psychological translations

This includes patient information sheets, physician’s opinions, medical charts, prescriptions, pharmacology and pharmaceutical industry texts, psychological and psychiatric articles, and studies.

Webpage translations

This includes websites, home pages, and company webpages. We translate to Polish for affordable prices. For home page translations, just provide us with the URL of your webpage or send us the link where we can find your page. Of course, you can also send us the text of your webpage in a word document in doc or docx format. Since we always strive to satisfy our clients’ demands, we are able to edit html and php pages as well, so all you will need to do is upload the new pages to the internet.

Tourism industry translations

We offer translation from English to Polish of tourism industry texts, documents, brochures, introductory texts, travel agency offers, contracts and other texts related to the hospitality and tourism industries.

Certified Polish translations

We will prepare Polish translations of official documents with an agency stamp and a certification document attached, within short deadlines. Translations prepared by us are accepted at most offices, and thanks to our low prices, you can reduce your costs by ordering from us.

How can you order Polish translations from Bilingua?

Send us the text by email, and we will soon notify you of our price quote. If you accept the price, we will prepare the translation for you.

How can you pay for the translation?

You may deposit or transfer the translation fee to our bank account or pay with PayPal.

We will send you detailed information regarding the payment by email. And you can also call us by phone any time if you have any questions. In the case of companies, of course, payment generally occurs by transfer upon an invoice.

How will you get your translation back?

We usually send back the completed translations by email. If you order the translation of an official document, which we need to send back with a certification attached, we generally send it by postal mail to the address specified by you. Of course, there is no extra charge for this.

About the Polish language

Polish is a Slavic language, and it shows some similarities to other Slavic languages. Certain words are identical with Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Russian. The population of Poland is nearly 40 million, so we are talking about a large country. And Poles live in a number of countries in the world, from Canada to Australia.

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