Italian translation

Italian translationBilingua Translation Agency in Wakefield assists you in the area of English-Italian and Italian-English translations and technical translations. We work for affordable prices every day of the week.

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What should be known about Italian translation?

Our translators are able to complete Italian translations in record time. These may be done as fast as within 24 hours. This is proof that the translations are performed by people who know the Italian language perfectly. At our translation office in Wakefield, only such technical translators who know the language at least as well as a native speaker level work for us.

The prices of Italian translations differ according to the type of the text and the deadline. We can generally translate a 10-page document to Italian within two to three days.

The text to be translated can be of anything. It won’t cause difficulty for our translators to translate from English to Italian or the other way around. They can successfully manage an official document sprinkled with advanced jargon just the same as, for example, a manuscript or a piece of light reading.

Italian translation services in Wakefield

We can certainly be at your service in the translation of the following documents:

  • Business texts or correspondence;
  • Webpages;
  • CVs, résumés, cover letters,
  • Legal texts, contracts,
  • Agreements, supply contracts, property transfer contracts,
  • Official documents, with a certification document and agency stamp provided;
  • Literary works, novels, books, short stories,
  • School text books, story books, articles, studies, and publications;
  • Texts for the tourism and hospitality industry, webshops, website articles, such as hotel texts and bed and breakfast webpages;
  • Technical and engineering documents, product descriptions, users’ manuals, maintenance guides, operation handbooks, game descriptions, and product introductory texts;
  • Healthcare texts, medical texts, pharmaceutical industry texts, patient information sheets, laboratory test results, doctor’s notes, specialist opinions, hospital documents, and patient release forms;
  • Marketing, PR, financial, and economic texts;
  • Advertisements, banners, TV programs, films, DVDs, and subtitles.

How can you order Italian translation in Wakefield?

By phone at 07459 490 814, and by email at glajtos[at]yahoo[dot]com. Send the text over to us by email, specifying what language you would like it to be translated to and what the deadline is. We will send you a price quote within one hour. If you approve it, we will start the translation immediately.

Translation fee payment

In Britain, you may deposit or transfer the translation fee to our bank account or pay with PayPal.

For more detailed information, please call us by phone!

How will you receive your translation?

We return general translations by email, as soon as they are ready. Translations that are stamped with a certification document attached will be sent by postal mail to your address. Of course, there is no extra charge for this.

Apart from Italian, we also do German, Spanish and French translations on a regular basis, 7 days a week.

For detailed information, please call us now on the 07459 490 814!