Hungarian translation

We prepare rapid Hungarian translations for competitive prices, both general and technical translations.

Our translators, who are native speakers, perform Hungarian translations to English every day of the week, be it an economics, legal, or technical text. Our Wakefield translation agency has efficiently translated several larger documents to Hungarian in recent months. As a result of our many contacts, we are able to prepare the translation of documents as long as several hundred pages within a few days.

Hungarian economics translations

We perform the translation of company documents, presentations, official records, business correspondence, emails, introductory texts, and requests for proposal to Hungarian as soon as within 24 hours.

Translation of contracts

We perform translations of ownership transfer contracts, rental agreements, contracts of agency, and corporate contracts to Hungarian. Our company’s experience is a guarantee that the translation will be of first-class quality. With us, you can effectively communicate with your foreign business partners. Request a quote now!

Hungarian translation services in Wakefield

About the Hungarian language

Nowadays, Hungarian is spoken by over 15 million people. Most of them live in Hungary, but they also constitute a significant minority in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, and the Ukraine, and there are also a large number of emigrated Hungarians living in the United States.

Hungarian doesn’t resemble most European languages. It belongs in the Finno-Ugric language group, and people of other nations are unable to understand Hungarian.

Technical and certified translations in Wakefield,  high-quality translations and proofreading of Hungarian texts seven days a week, reasonable prices, give us a call now!

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