German translation

German translationPreparation of official English-German and German-English translations, professional technical translations, affordable prices, rapid translations, proofreading by native speakers in Wakefield.

One of the special areas of Bilingua’s expertise is the German language, in which we have been performing translations for over 10 years, including technical translations, proofreading, and interpreting. We can perform, in German, consecutive or synchronized interpreting, sight interpreting, accompanying interpreting, conference interpreting, or interpreting at business discussions or negotiations.

You can take advantage of our interpreting services in the following other languages:

  • English synchronized interpreting
  • English consecutive interpreting
  • English conference interpreting
  • Spanish synchronized interpreting
  • French synchronized interpreting
  • Spanish synchronized interpreting

Before we dive into the mysteries of German translations, let’s take a closer look at the German language.

A few words about the German language

German is the official language of several other countries outside of Germany, such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Denmark. And there are also countries, for example the United States, where there are many residents whose mother tongue is German. The number of people who speak the language is estimated to be several million. There are many who use German as a second language. There are two large groups within the German language. One of them is upper German the other is lower German. Between these, the differences in sound are so prominent that the speakers of the two languages have difficulty understanding each other. Their alphabets are similar to ours, but they have sounds that are not marked by the alphabet and are audible in speech.

If you need a translation of an official document, you can trust Bilingua Translation Agency with it, where low prices and quick service await you. We prepare high-quality German technical translations in multiple areas of professional life: correspondence in the area of economics, professional business correspondence, emails, website articles, messages, reports, accounts, presentations, training materials and introductory letters, all translated fast.

German translations of official documents in Wakefield

If for any reason you need a certified German translation that’s perfect,you must find a translator who is an expert in German translations, since this task isn’t easy to perform, especially if you have a text filled with technical terminology.

Bilingua Translation Agency in Wakefield provides a solution for overcoming the difficulties caused by the German language to the residents of Wakefield. Online, you can order English-German and German-English translations and technical translation from all over Britain. We have several years of experience in the field of translations and offer official translations and proofreading by native German speakers.

The Wakefield based Bilingua translation agency, which is an expert in German translations, prepares rapid and official German translations for excellent prices.

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