French translation

French translationReceive English-French translation of official documents with the assistance of experienced professional translators.

Bilingua Translation Agency in Wakefield helps you to communicate in French, with the preparation of English-French and French-English translations for competitive prices.

Our French translation prices

We perform translations from and into French of webpages; hotel and restaurant home pages; business correspondence, legal texts; contracts, agreements, and accords; contracts of agency; financial, marketing, and HR documents; psychology, sociology, marketing, financial, and science texts; management and company management texts; rental agreements, court rulings, official police documents, decisions, and resolutions. We also translate machinery and automobile registrations, French automobile transfer contracts, descriptions of agricultural machinery, and operating manuals of machinery and equipment.

Translation of official documents to French

We offer translations of report cards, school final examination certificates (from either high-school or vocational secondary-school), birth certificates, language examination certificates, diploma theses, university or college diplomas, CVs and motivational letters, résumés, cover letters, letters of recommendation, references, or proposals all within a short time for relatively low prices.

Healthcare and medical translations

We perform translations of professional medical texts, articles, publications, healthcare publications, laboratory test results, specialist opinions, medical records, and other medical opinions and documents. We also perform translations of patient information sheets, instructions for medications and inventions, and documents necessary for visas or employment, and all are performed fast and by professional French translators with expertise in the medical field. English-French and French-English translations, technical translations and proofreading in Wakefield.

Translation of technical texts

We perform translations to French of users’ manuals, handbooks, maintenance guides, operating instructions, descriptions of games or sports equipment, product manuals, company introductions, professional technical texts, building permits, scenery designs, technical drawings, technical permits and documentations in Wakefield.

Literary translations to or from French

We perform translation of books, novels, short stories, prose, dramas, comedies, technical books, children’s books, newspaper articles, publications, and literary works from English to French at attractive prices fast. Thanks to our multitude of connections at Bilingua, you can have larger texts (even documents of several hundred pages) translated to French fast, and all of this for low prices.

Bilingua Translation Agency prepares translations at lower prices than other agencies, so you can reduce your costs by ordering from us.

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We will send you our specific price quote within 1 hour of receipt of the email, and we will inform you about the details, the methods of payment, and delivery as well as the deadline offered by us. Your translation can be prepared earlier than this deadline. However that will entail an additional surcharge.

Translation of websites to French

Translation of company home pages to French, including webpage and software localization. We offer complete reproductions of webpages in French. We are able to manage html or css documents as well, on top of .doc, .xls, .ppt and .pdf files. Webpage translations to French for competitive prices.

Every SEO expert knows that, if you communicate with webpage visitors in their own language, it will significantly improve your conversion rate, meaning that many more people will be willing to purchase your product or service.

We offer translation of webpages and websites to French and to other languages, such as Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Czech.

A webpage is a relatively cheap instrument. You should take advantage of it and reach more customers than with paid advertisements.

Who prepares the translations at Bilingua?

100% of our translators are professional technical translators, who, beyond having been speaking French on an advanced level for a long time, have spent prolonged periods of time in a French-speaking country where they gathered their knowledge of the language. They have several years of technical translation experience; they utilize several translation software programs, and they will do everything they can so you can receive a high-quality technical translation within the shortest possible time.

You can find Bilingua Translation Agency in Wakefield, but we also live online, so you can order a translation from practically anywhere, even if you are in Paris or on the island of Madagascar.

French isn’t only spoken in France!

Currently, it is the official language in 54 countries and approximately 300 million people use this language. Of these, nearly a third speak it as their mother tongue. The French language possesses great significance within a number of organizations (such as the UN), and it’s an accepted and broadly spoken language in a large number of African countries.

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