Czech translation

Czech translationEnglish-Czech professional translations in Wakefield,  our reliable translators will assist you in connecting with the Czech language.

The subject fields of our translations are rather broad. What we can certainly manage can be grouped into the following subjects:

  • Legal texts;
  • Financial and business texts;
  • Technical and engineering texts;
  • Healthcare, medical, and pharmaceutical texts;
  • Texts in the humanities and literature;
  • Sociology, psychology, and psychiatry texts;
  • Demographic texts, psychological articles, descriptions, studies, and abstracts.
Translation from English to Czech

We offer high-quality Czech-English and English-Czech translations within short deadlines and at competitive prices and proofreading services seven days a week.

These are just of the works that we can certainly help you with:

  • Economics texts;
  • Literary works, books, novels, and short stories;
  • Marketing and financial texts
  • Accounting documents, business correspondence, and internal correspondence;
  • Requests for proposal;
  • Contracts;
  • Marketing plans;
  • Descriptions and introductory texts;
  • Diploma theses;
  • Diploma projects, résumés, CVs, cover letters, and motivational letters;
  • School report cards, school final examination certificates, and language examination certificates.
Webpage translations to Czech

We offer translations of home pages and webpages from English to Czech within short deadlines and for affordable prices. A webpage in the visitors’ native language will result in a much higher conversion rate. This has been proven by a number of European studies. This is the reason why we see that the webpages of larger corporations are accessible in several languages. Communicate with your Czech visitors in their native language. Have your website web shop translated to Czech, reliably and quickly with the help of Bilingua Translation Agency in Wakefield.

For fast Czech translations by experts, call our agency now!

  • Translation of hotel webpages,
  • Hotel websites,
  • Accommodation webpages, translated to Czech

Tourism and hospitality industry translations to Czech

We offer translation of brochures, leaflets, and introductory texts from English to Czech. If you are the owner of a hotel or a bed and breakfast, an operator of a restaurant or other hospitality industry establishment, we will translate your text for you to Czech within a short deadline, and you will be able to communicate with your Czech guests and business partners more effectively.

We offer translations of introductory texts of cities and towns and marketing and promotional materials for spas, wellness hotels, and other tourism industry companies to Czech:

  • Translation of brochures,
  • Posters,
  • Introductory texts,
  • PR texts, and
  • Marketing texts translated to Czech.

Prague, the Czech capital

Everybody knows Prague. It’s a wonderful city, where not only the girls are pretty, but the beer is excellent as well, and people walk all day on the old cobbled streets of the Old City among its church towers. We will prepare English-Czech and Czech-English translations of official documents and technical translations in Wakefield within the shortest deadlines. Our agency will assist you in the area of interpretation as well. Turn to us if you have any difficulty in connecting with the Czech language.

Of course, beside Czech we also prepare translations of other Slavic languages:
English-Polish translations in Wakefield
English-Slovak translations in Wakefield

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