Language serviceFor certified translations, we provide the stamp of the translation agency and an additional document of certification, which most official authorities accept in Britain and abroad. In the case of official translations, the translation agency certifies that the translation was prepared by a translator officially licensed exactly for this task, and the translated document is identical with the original text in every aspect.

Certified English translation

We mark official translations with the stamp of our translation agency. You may request such a translation from us at any time if we are the ones preparing the translation. Such translations, which include a certification document, are accepted by most official institutions in Britain.
We perform official translations, proofreading, and technical translations.

The following are our translation languages:

Hungarian German Spanish Italian French
Czech Slovak Polish Serbian Croatian
Ukrainian Russian Romanian Mongolian Bulgarian
Danish Swedish Estonian Portuguese Dutch

We can provide assistance to you in the matter of official English translations as well. Beside this, we can prepare general German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Slovak, Romanian, Czech, and Russian translations for you from our translation office in Wakefield.

You may request a price quote on the right side of the page, where you may also upload your documents. We will contact you soon and send you our price quote.

Our fields of expertise for professional, technical translation can be divided into the following subject groups:

Economics Legal Technical Psychological General
Financial Medical Engineering Psychiatric Literary
Marketing Healthcare Technological Education Web shop
PR, HR Pharmaceutical Production Medicine Webpage translation

Reasonable prices!

You may order a translation both by email or by phone. If you wish to pay from abroad, then we recommend PayPal because it’s fast and reliable. In Britain, of course, you may pay the translation fee at any bank’s branch office, or you may transfer it from your bank account, and it will arrive to us within 2 to 3 business days.

 When will the translation be completed by?

If up to 10 pages, we can usually prepare the translation in 2 to 3 days if it’s a general text. If it’s a special professional text, then it may take one or two days longer.
We have the capacity to translate even larger texts in as little as a week. Recently, we managed to return a professional medical-healthcare technical text in 6 days, within the deadline. The entire document was 213 pages long, and we translated it from English to Italian.

Thanks to our extensive database of professional translators, Bilingua Wakefield has the capacity to cope with very large translations, technical translation, and proofreading tasks within short deadlines.

For further information, please call us at 07459 490 814!