Translation prices

Translation pricesGeneral text
60 GBP per 1000 Words

Technical text
70-75 GBP per 1000 Words

German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and many other languages!

Our prices always depend on the specific language and the translation’s deadline.

Generally, with most languages, we work for between 60-70 GBP per 1000 words and we have the capacity to translate documents up to a few pages in length within 24 to 48 hours.

Russian, Czech, Slovak translation prices: 65 GBP per 1000 words

In the case of Slavic languages (Slovak, Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, Polish) we also work for individual prices, but these are much lower than in the case of Scandinavian languages.

Write us an email and attach your text. We will soon contact you, and send you our quote.

Low prices and rapid translations, just in Bilingua Wakefield

Swedish, Danish, Norwegian translation prices: 75 GBP per 1000 words

Nordic languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) are uncommon and few people speak them in Britain. For these languages, translation prices are different, and we will send you more detailed information or a price quote after reviewing the text.

These prices are valid for the translation of website articles and general texts.  Get a quote from us for technical texts by filling out the boxes on the right side.

What do we mean by technical text?

We mean medical texts, healthcare laboratory results, medical articles, technical texts, engineering drawings, blueprints, chemistry texts, legal texts, contracts, agreements, settlements, financial texts, production technology texts, and so on.

Immediate translations to German

Immediate or urgent translations into German mean that one of our technical translators will commence the translation of the text within 5 minutes.

The surcharge for urgent translations is 25%.

We will issue an invoice for the competed translation that we will mail to the address of the specified company or private individual. In the case of companies, payment may be made within 8 days upon the receipt of the invoice.

With orders of larger translations, we require a 20% advance.

If you find a lower price than our quote, call us before you order the translation from our competitors, since if we have available capacity, we may be able to match or even underbid their price!

Recommend us to your friends and business partners. If they order a translation from us and they say that they were referred to us by you, we will return 10% of their translation fee to your account within 3 days.

Earn money just by telling everyone that you chose Bilingua Translation Agency in Wakefield!

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