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Quality control in a translation agency

translation_quality_controlAll goods and services, without exception, require quality control. This concerns translation of various texts, particularly documents, as much as any service. After all, an error in financial or legal documents can cost quite a lot. In order to prevent such unpleasant consequences, we introduced a multi-level system of quality control of completed translations.

Quality control in a translation agency

How does that happen?

Of course, the most important issue here is recruitment of the most qualified employees for the agency. This is the first stage. Each potential candidate goes through a thorough test of their qualification and professional qualities. At the same time they are assessed in relation to their affiliation with particular subjects. This helps the company to provide its clients with the highest level of service. We distribute translations on certain subjects to employees that are the best at these subjects in order to achieve the best quality of translation.

Regarding oral translation, a candidate goes through a number of conversations in a language they’d have to work with. During such interviews, their level is determined, as well as their ability to quickly follow the conversation, which are the main requirements when it comes to interpreting.

From all prospective employees we expect:

Interest in the job;
Determination to develop professionally as well as intellectually;
Such selective recruitment is explained by the high level of services provided.

Translation assessment

Regardless of how high a translator’s level is, there is unfortunately always a possibility of an error. Translators are people, just like everyone else, so a thing like “the human factor” applies to them also. For that reason, the text goes through a compulsory check consisting of several stages.

1. After the text is written, translator himself adds the necessary edits. Here, the grammar, the general stylistic wholeness of the translation and the punctuation are edited. Most importantly, the text is checked, taking into account the features of the target translation language. The issue is that each language has its own nuances. For example, in case of numbers in Russian, the tens are separated by a comma whereas the thousands are usually divided by full stops. In English it’s completely the other way round, and it’s very important to take that into account in a financial or a legal document.

2. The text then goes to the editor. It goes through the same check again, but this time, in addition, formatting of paragraphs, tables (if any) and if necessary, content, is carried out.

3. Following the work, the translation is sent to a company manager. Here it goes through the final stage of control. If needed, the final corrections are added, and only after all these editing stages, the text is forwarded to a client.

Our company values its reputation and aims for growth, which is why it takes the most responsible approach towards completing orders from all our clients and provides high quality service. Our staff professionals work with all subjects. From legal to technical documentation, to literary texts and oral translation. If you need a high quality translation, don’t hesitate to contact us.